Fostering a healthier community


IMPACT Connect is a collaborative partnership of agencies combining efforts to make social services accessible and navigable to the people who need them. Using a robust electronic resource network, IMPACT Connect partners can efficiently collaborate with other providers across all sectors using a shared language and shared outcomes to seamlessly make and close the loop on referrals to offer comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant, whole person care.

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Whole person care improves lives and communities

Recent studies indicate that socio-economic factors impact 40% of overall health outcomes.

IMPACT Connect is designed to help our members better understand the social needs facing patients or clients, track their ongoing use of community resources in real-time, make closed-loop referrals, and significantly improve care coordination and health outcomes.

See a complete, real-time picture of an individual’s medical and social needs

With a global overview of needs across systems, demographics, and geography, IMPACT Connect members are better able to connect the dots, match target populations to needed resources, and work with patients and clients to develop long-term solutions.
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