Fostering a healthier community

Welcome to IMPACT Connect. We’re a partnership of agencies throughout Southeastern Wisconsin transforming the way health and social services are delivered to those who need them most. Our collaboration brings together medical, behavioral health, social service, and community organizations to build an accessible, integrated, and streamlined delivery system that fosters health and wellness for all.

Critical conditions. Critical connections. Critical change.

It can be challenging for people to navigate a multitude of systems to access the care and services they need to be healthy and productive. An unmet medical or social condition and a missed connection to care or resources can significantly alter an individual’s long-term health and overall well-being. Through IMPACT Connect, we can better address the inequities people face every day and achieve the critical change needed to improve care coordination and health outcomes.

Learn more about social determinants of health and the role they play.

Get the whole picture

IMPACT Connect gives you a complete, real-time picture of an individual’s medical and social needs and their engagement with community resources.

A CIE powered by expertise and partnership

IMPACT Connect uses the Community Information Exchange (CIE) model to give you a global view of a client’s complex needs, allow you to connect the dots to develop smart workflows and strategies, and work together to achieve real, sustainable results. Beyond a shared technology platform, IMPACT Connect is a coordinated system of service delivery driven by the shared knowledge and expertise of community partners. And together, we can achieve unprecedented results.

Key components of IMPACT Connect

Shared leadership

Together, we are powerful. IMPACT Connect partners shape our goals, measure outcomes, and provide oversight of a system that is truly revolutionizing how our community works together to achieve sustained change. Learn more. 

Comprehensive resource database

IMPACT Connect partners have access to the IMPACT 211 database, the largest, multi-sector directory in Wisconsin consisting of nearly 1,500 agencies providing 4,800 services. Learn more.

Relationships and engagement

IMPACT Connect provides a platform to nurture relationships and actively engage stakeholders and partners. By facilitating communication and coordination, creating workflows across agencies and sectors, and continually evaluating system effectiveness, we can better meet the needs of all people. Learn more.

Sophisticated technology

Our advanced technology platform gives you an integrated screening tool, a curated database of services with automated resource identification, and the ability to close the information loop on referrals for streamlined, cross-sector coordination of care. Learn more.

Powerful data, enhanced equity

IMPACT Connect data allows our partners to evaluate outcomes and pinpoint what works best for clients — individually and as a collective community. Together, we can make sure all people can access services so their needs are met, barriers are lifted, and gaps are filled. Learn more.

Every IMPACT Connect partner adds value to our community and makes us stronger.