About IMPACT Connect

IMPACT Connect provides the framework for multi-level partners across social service sectors to coordinate care so people have better access to the vital resources they need. We work collectively to design interventions that address the root causes of poor health and improve Southeast Wisconsin’s overall well-being.

Our efforts are led by IMPACT, Inc., with full oversight from a board of managers. For over 60 years, IMPACT’s role in the community has been to connect people throughout Southeastern Wisconsin to appropriate resources, work with providers to deliver services that produce positive, sustained change, and create efficiencies that foster system improvement.

The IMPACT of IMPACT Connect

Reputation: IMPACT offers expertise in managing complex social service systems, an established network of partnerships, and the largest and most comprehensive resource database in Wisconsin.

Relationships: IMPACT successfully takes a collaborative approach to working with health and human service providers, government, funders and other stakeholders to foster critical system improvement.

Resources: IMPACT Connect taps into IMPACT 211’s database of verified programs and services to provide appropriate and accurate referrals.

Our goverance board

IMPACT Connect facilitates synergy through a shared vision and values among our partners and ensures that a diverse and representative range of community members — including those with lived experience — are included in the planning, design and governance of new programs and processes.

Shared leadership shapes the future

Through shared leadership, members shape the overall direction of IMPACT Connect and provide governance in collaboration with representatives from key public and community organizations. Standing committees, consisting of IMPACT Connect partners, influence the policies and procedures implemented by our board of managers. Roles include:

  • Outcomes committee gathers and evaluates data on the effectiveness of IMPACT Connect and recommends process modifications to improve outcomes.
  • Integration committee establishes standards and builds collaboration among participating agencies to make referrals impactful and effective. Through these coalitions, the integration committee improves system navigation.

Our values

IMPACT Connect values and respects the expertise of local organizations and stakeholders. Through shared leadership, partners have a voice in creating and implementing strategies to make health and social services more accessible and beneficial for the people who need them.
We believe:

  • Community health improves when everyone’s basic social and health needs are met.
  • Enhancing awareness of and access to quality resources is essential.
  • Transparency allows data-based decisions to drive progress.
  • We are accountable for cultivating an equitable system with integrity.

Our mission

To drive effective collaboration among family, health and social service systems; share information; and coordinate care of social service needs so that people have better access to the vital resources they need to improve health and well-being.

Our vision

Our vision for Southeast Wisconsin is a fully integrated network of community care providers that collaborate to meet the complex needs of residents for improved overall health and well-being.

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