How IMPACT Connect Works

IMPACT Connect combines the reliability of the extensive IMPACT 211 community resource database with the innovative technology of NowPow to provide closed-loop referrals for professionals working with people who have social service needs.

Using a shared language, a universal screening tool, comprehensive resource database, and sophisticated, integrated technology platform, IMPACT Connect links health and human service providers, government, and other key agencies to develop complete records of vulnerable populations in our community. As members of IMPACT Connect, organizations are able to better understand the needs of those they serve, connect to resources, and make and track referrals using real-time data. This unified approach to whole person care ensures all Greater Milwaukee residents have access to the same level of care and services and allows us to collectively gather vital health data so that we can identify and address systemic issues in our community.

Core Components of IMPACT Connect

Member Network


Shared Language


Resource Database + Closed – loop Referrals


Technology Platform + Data Integration

The patient/client record is not simply a collection of referrals, but rather a complete, real-time picture of an individual’s medical and social needs.

How Everyone Benefits

Effective Community Care Planning


Healthier, Happier Community