How it works and how you benefit

When you join IMPACT Connect, you become part of powerful, collaborative team. You have a voice in how we can collectively work together to change care coordination in Southeastern Wisconsin for the better. You have access to a:

  • Comprehensive resource database of nearly 1,500 agencies providing 4,800 services
  • Tool that allows you to easily screen and match each person’s needs to available community resources and make referrals by text, email, or print in their preferred language
  • Sophisticated technology platform to communicate across agencies and sectors, and close the loop on referrals to improve outcomes
  • Process to gather vital health data so that we can better address the root causes of poor health and health disparities

Effective engagement

IMPACT Connect serves as a hub where stakeholders and cross-sector partners throughout Southeast Wisconsin can actively engage. Building on a foundation of common goals, aligned resources, and shared investment, we:

  • Assemble agencies through their current care coordination networks, and by service sector, to enhance current referral workflows and collaboratively build new ones.
  • Facilitate engagement in committee activities and meetings with agencies, coordinated care networks, sector leaders, and community stakeholders.
  • Build on the strength of our partners to create solutions that meet people where they are.
  • Through effective engagement, we’re better able to connect people to the care they need, enhance our capacity to empower sustainability, and advance health equity community-wide.

Relationships bring results

By linking health and human service providers, government agencies, and other partners engaged in whole-person care coordination, IMPACT Connect:

  • Ensures that people get connected to the resources they need to address food insecurity, housing instability, health/mental health issues, transportation barriers, and other factors impacting their health and well-being
  • Tracks referral status and outcomes to improve client success
  • Creates complete, HIPAA-compliant records
  • Collects data that helps identify gaps in services and addresses systemic issues

A powerful combination

IMPACT Connect combines the reliability of IMPACT 211’s curated resource database with the innovative technology of Unite Us to give you a complete, real-time picture of an individual’s health and social needs. Using our shared electronic resource network, you can significantly improve care coordination for your clients and improve outcomes community wide. As an IMPACT Connect partner, you have the ability to:

  • Assess the complicating factors your clients face
  • Identify appropriate family, health, and social services
  • Initiate closed-loop referrals
  • Track a client’s use of community resources in real-time
  • Trust data to influence workflows, processes, and other strategic decisions
  • Coordinate care in one shared client profile
  • Track longitudinal trends over time
  • Reduce duplication and encourage collaboration and coordination among care providers

Tools at your fingertips

IMPACT Connect optimizes care coordination and provides:

  • An automated tool to screen and match client needs to community resources
  • A platform that links service providers, documents complete longitudinal care records, and facilitates communication across agencies and sectors
  • A process to inform system change using network-wide data
  • Effective community care planning

Data drives success

IMPACT Connect engages influencers to shape conversations about how we can use data to better understand and address the impact of social determinants of health on the community. Together, we can prioritize efforts to not only optimize our coordination of care, but achieve equity and social justice for every individual.

Our unified approach to whole person care ensures residents of Southeast Wisconsin have access to the same level of care and services and allows us to collectively gather vital health data so that we can identify and address systemic issues in our community.

Help us foster whole person care and a healthier community for everyone.