The IMPACT Connect story

IMPACT Connect is a Community Information Exchange that makes it easy for agencies across sectors to work together in a way that better serves our community. We partner together to understand the complete social needs of those we serve, connect them to carefully curated resources, and track referrals using real-time data. This proven approach to whole person care confronts inequities and removes systemic and other barriers to ensure that everyone can access the necessary level of care and services.

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Whole person care improves lives and communities

Studies show that social and economic factors — such as income, housing, nutrition, safety, and other social supports — can significantly affect how well, and how long, people live. Called “social determinants of health”(SDOH), these non-medical factors influence 40% of overall health outcomes. Through IMPACT Connect, you can better address all of the issues faced by your clients.

IMPACT Connect allows you to monitor and address how SDOH factors affect your clients.

What we can achieve together

Collectively change the way we deliver care to focus on the whole person

Understand the complete social needs of those we serve

Better address the root causes of poor health and health disparities among vulnerable populations

Build a welcoming, accessible, and fully integrated platform that fosters better health and wellness for all

Streamline referrals and the sharing of information

Foster a healthier Southeastern Wisconsin

The origin of IMPACT Connect

To better address the root causes of poor health and health disparities in our city, the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership mobilized local health systems to explore a Community Information Exchange to improve health navigation and outcomes for individuals most in need. With a history of managing complex social services systems in the region and as the provider of 211 services in Southeastern Wisconsin, IMPACT, Inc. was tasked to lead the effort and share expertise — including established relationships and a network of partnerships, and the largest and most comprehensive resource database in Wisconsin. A technological tool was vetted and selected, and Unite Us, the innovation leader in digital health products for complex populations, joined this community-led project.

IMPACT Connect officially launched in late 2020 and was immediately greeted as a much-needed solution to care coordination. Our membership continues to expand to represent broad and diverse sectors of need including:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Family and children
  • Food
  • Health care
  • Home repair
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Legal assistance
  • Mental health and substance use disorders
  • Neighborhood services
  • Safety

Under our shared leadership model, members and community-level partners serve on the IMPACT Connect governance board and work together to shape our direction and future. Learn more about our structure and partners.