Answering a Community Need

In our community, those who are vulnerable have to navigate a myriad of systems to access the care and services they need to be healthy. For many this can be difficult, if not impossible. Until recently, we lacked a tool to effectively coordinate care between healthcare, government, and social services systems.

IMPACT Connect is the answer. We’re a collaborative partnership of agencies combining efforts to make social services accessible and navigable to the people who need them. Using a robust, shared electronic resource network, IMPACT Connect members are able to easily work together to foster whole person care and a healthier community for everyone.

Measurable Results

Across the U.S., forward-thinking cities are embracing the community information exchange movement to use the power of data to achieve a more holistic approach to health and well-being. And they’re seeing measurable results. In San Diego, participants in a community information exchange reduced their use of emergency medical transports by 26 percent. Participants were also more likely to sustain housing compared to those not enrolled in the program.

Expert Crisis Management When We Need It the Most

IMPACT Connect has the potential to significantly improve care in our community round-the-clock and is a vital tool in times of crises, such as weather-related emergencies or health pandemics like COVID-19.

How It Began

Recognizing the need to improve the health of at-risk individuals in our city, the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership mobilized local health systems to explore the potential of a community information exchange to enhance health navigation and improve outcomes. As the provider of 211 services in Southeastern Wisconsin, IMPACT was tasked to lead the effort and share expertise — including managing complex social service systems, an established network of partnerships, and the largest and most comprehensive resource database in Wisconsin. NowPow, the innovation leader in digital health products for complex populations, was selected to provide the technology platform.

What We Can Achieve Together

Collectively change the way we deliver care to focus on the whole person

Understand the complete social needs of those we serve

Better address the root causes of poor health and health disparities among vulnerable populations

Build a welcoming, accessible, and fully integrated platform that fosters better health and wellness for all

Streamline referrals and the sharing of information

Foster a healthier Milwaukee

IMPACT Connect is designed to meet the evolving needs of our community and can support referral members that touch all phases of a patient’s/client’s life.